Who Is Lil Ameer Nigeria'n 13 Year Old Hausa Hip hop Rapper ?

Lil Ameer

Ameer Hassan A K A lil Ameer was born on 22 may 2003 (13 years old) start his musical career at age 9.

The young boy is making waves in the music scene in Kano while and his parents are in total support of his musical career and they have been behind his success.

To cut the story short, Lil Ameer Mother is his song written He has so far recorded multiple songs, one ofwhich has for consecutive weeks been topping the

top ten charts at Ray Power Radio station in Kano. His songs. His songs are also played in Wazobia FM, Dala FM and so on.

Ameer has always amazed people who have listened to his songs as a young musician of his time with his well-written lyrics and his ability to sing in English and Hausa languages.

At age 12, Ameer is very out spoken and for a boy of his age, his level of intelligence is amazing. He sang in Hausa and English with inspirational lyrics devoid of any form of amateurism.

Ameer stated that his zeal to become a musician was born out of his fascination with seeing children of his age perform.

And it was this envy that drives him because he believes he can offer more than what they have offered.

Gradually, Ameer says, the feeling and the confidence that he can do more than those kids got the better of him and he told his mother that he wanted to sing.

“I was listening to one such song on one of the local radio station, all of a sudden, I just stood up and went to my mother and I told her that I wanted to sing, and that was how it all began. Being a little boy, I picked the stage name ‘Lil A’ a short form of little Ameer,”

Lil Ameer With Classiq

Said Ameer.

He added that his parents, especially his mother, gave him the needed support in pursuing his dream of becoming a musician even though his ambition is to become a pilot in life.

On managing his schooling and music, Ameer said,“I am into music because I want to prove a point that I can pursue music as a child from Northern Nigeria as well as making it a hobby and also pursue my educational career on the other hand. It is no secret that I wanted to be a pilot and music has become a hobby that I can’t let go easily; I am glad that my parents have understood me and are always there for me when I need them. One good thing here is that my mother writes all my songs for me. Though not a singer, she is a good songwriter and she has written virtually all my songs for me.

“My mother has carefully scheduled my time in a manner that one aspect would not be neglected in favour of the other. I go to school from Mondays to Fridays and go to the studio on weekends when I have recordings to make. Similarly, I do go to Islamic school. In short, my time is properly scheduled and I make sure that I have not wasted any. Thanks to my parents for making their time in assisting me pursue my heart’s desire.”

The talented singer who became famous with his hit song ‘Zaman Lafiya’ says he had recorded more than 10 songs so far and he is currently working on the videos of some of them. He also revealed that being a very young artiste, musician in the state and also those outside the state love to feature him in their music.

As a child star, the musician has found it very difficult to cope with his fame as he said he had to change schools to be comfortable.

“Children and other school colleagues always come to me during my lessons in my former school. They all said they are my fans, so I was left with no option but to ask my parents for a change of school, which they gladly did as they have understood my plight in the other school. I am not playing it low as many have not got the news that I am the Lil A they have been hearing about because I have not released my video yet.

“As I have told you earlier, we are working on making an album both audio and video which hopefully will be out soon for public consumption. I have songs like I am a Champion, a song for the Emir of Kano, Ilimin Boko da na Addinin musulunci, song for my mother among others,” he said.

I.R.P Lil Ameer. Was died yesterday 14/09/2017.

The youngster died after a car accident. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after the fatal accident but later died. Before his untimely death, he released the visuals to his song "Lil Ameer Dance For Me" which is trending on most tv stations. He will be buried on Saturday morning according to Islamic injunctions.

We all here at Hausa Hiphop and the entire hip-hop world are saying, may your gentle soul rest in peace, Ameen. 

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